Can the Surface Pro 4 Replace Your Laptop?

The Surface Pro 4 is the first system that’s powerful and versatile enough to be your business system and compact enough to compete for space with any tablet. It has a high contrast/low glare display and Dolby Audio sound system so you can stream entertainment channels after hours. And it’s fast. I’ve used the Surface Pro 4 for the […]

Why You Should Outsource Your Content

In general outsourcing is important for a number of reasons. First it saves you time especially with any aspect of your business that you do not like to do, or are just not that good at. Is it worth your time, effort and frustration to attempt to create content when this is something that you […]

Content Outsourcing

Do you cringe at the word outsourcing? You know that it is something that you really should seriously think about but the thought of hiring out work scares you to death. You probably have tons of questions racing through your mind. How much is it going to cost? How do you even find good outsourcers? […]

Increase Your Online Customer Engagement

Small businesses will often rely on their website for consumers to find them, so this is your opportunity to make a good impression with potential leads or returning customers. You want to ensure your site keeps your visitors engaged and interested. Most brands are aware of the importance of being engaging on the web, but smaller companies […]

Leading With Passion and Purpose

A serious life event made me reconsider how I’ve been living my life. Open heart surgery in July forced me to redesign my life. The three changes I’ve made have been: Improving My Diet Exercise Regularly Reduce Stress No surprises there, I could have recited those changes as the three causes of heart disease prior […]

How is Live Streaming Different From Video Marketing?

Let’s look at what precisely live streaming is and how it’s different from conventional video marketing. Who are the major players? Of course the central concept behind live video streaming is fairly straightforward and simple to grasp: it simply involves streaming video footage live as opposed to pre-recording footage and uploading it. Google Hangouts can […]

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