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Microsoft OneNote is my favorite app for organizing information and notetaking. I’m able to use the advanced features of Surface Pro 4, particularly the pen. What OneNote doesn’t do particularly well is create smart sticky notes. I use Google Keep for that. While doing research for blog posts, I often discover articles that could help with posts I’m planning in the future.

With a little organization, I’m able to find links to articles and notes I’ve made. It even has a scheduling feature that integrates with Inbox. Keep is a cloud-based service so I can use it from my smartphone.

Keep is Google’s note taking app and it’s been around since 2013. Just like other Google apps, it’s updated from time to time with useful no-frills features. Like all Google apps, it integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar, Google Drive and Gmail.

The chrome extension is particularly handy to bookmark an article or website page. With page page on display, click over an image and click on the keep icon. The extension opens Google Keep and creates and opens a new note with the image and the url of the original article already posted. Just add a reminder to jog your memory when you go to create a blog post.

Collaboration is easy, just share your Google Keep note with another, your research assistant or editor.

Some planning is required to be able to find your research quickly. There’s a powerful search feature that’s only as good as your notes and how you’ve organized them.

  1. Choose a background color and assign a category
    1. There are seven background colors. If you’re a visual learner like I am, I process colors and  images quickly, so I’ve assigned a color to each of my top-level blog categories. You could also assign a color to your business or blog goals, which of your reader categories this research will appeal to.
  2. Add an image to your note. If your note is a screen capture, use the graphic from the article or webpage. Google Keep makes this easy; position your cursor over the image and invoke the Chrome extension and click on Save Image to Keep. The extension open a Keep window and creates a new window, populated with the graphic and the link to the article.
    1.  At this point you can assign a title, searchable label, and a note to yourself. Why you saved this webpage or article and save the new note.
    2. You have the option to open the note. Here’s where I assign a color, set a reminder and share it with a collaborator.

Google Keep has a drawing feature. I use the pen on my Surface Pro 4 to create drawings and mindmaps while I’m creating strategy for a series of posts, or logic for a longer blog post.

The drawback of Google Keep is it’s lack of text formatting. There’s no  bold, choice of fonts, indent and numbering to organize content. It’s not a deal breaker, but takes some getting used to.

Google Keep has streamlined research and prep for blog posts and other web based content.

If you have a Google account will take you there. You can also add a Chrome browser extension that is fast and convenient when you want to save a page as you’re browsing.

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