How to Improve Your Online Customer Engagement

If your goal is to improve your online customer engagement, there are a number of things you can do. One of the main things you should consider is how simplistic your offers are.

You achieve simplicity by focusing on your customers resources – those resources that they have the least of are what you should be focused on.

For example, for some it might be

  • marketing skills
  • for others it might be time
  • and for still others it might be the where to get started.

If you are able to simplify an existing customer routine, you are much more likely to have them engage.

In fact, if you just remove the distractions you will have made great strides in improving the simplicity of your site and making your customer happy and more likely to engage.

Consumers look for shortcuts to reach their goals.

For your customer it is important to discover

  • a unique value and
  • then to find the shortest way to get to that unique value.

When you highlight things that help your customer find the shortest path to get what they want, they are much more likely to be interested in making the purchase.

You will have a very engaged customer when you have one that sees a simple way to get what they want from your site.

You need to be always meeting the expectations of your customer. In fact, it’s a sure fire way to enjoy customer engagement online.

  • You can meet your customers’ expectations by increasing your product/service relevance
  • communication.

You achieve product relevance by

  • providing testimonials, reviews
  • complete instructions on using your product/service.

You need to have open lines of communication with your customers so that they can quickly get their questions answered.

Online live chat can be one way to accomplish this. You should offer as many lines as communication as possible, including

  1. email
  2. live chat
  3. telephone
  4. social media
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You also need to make sure that you focus on creating the right channels with the right message at the right time, for your customer’s first step.

Because if you miss them on the first step, they become your competitions customer not yours. All of your customers will have their own preference.

Some will like social media, some will like email others will like a follow up call from you. It’s a good idea to test your customer market before you choose.

Customer engagement is key to the success of your business. Being able to engage customers online has made it easier in many ways, but has also complicated the situation too.

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