Sam Sullivan’s Salon – Feb 18th 2015

Over the past 5 years Sam Sullivan’s Salon has had 160 outstanding citizens present before 10,000 people in what is becoming a Vancouver tradition. This was my 2nd event in a row. It’s an evening of thought provoking speakers and storytellers. This time we heard George Amigo, Trevor Boddy, Meeru Dhaliwal, Michelle Faehrmann, Jennifer Gardy, David […]

Social Channels – w/e February 14th 2015

OneNote is one of my goto productivity tools. No need to live my the rules of some app, OneNote allows you to post the way YOU work. Post by Social Media Smarter. Social Media Influence is misunderstood. Post by Social Media Smarter. Is the number of visits the only number you pay attention to in […]

New From Facebook Feb 11th 2015

What’s new on my Facebook feed today Post by Social Media Smarter. Post by Social Media Smarter. Post by Social Media Smarter. Don’t forget twitter Get 2GB Extra Google Drive Space Just By Checking Your Security Settings — Bonnie Sainsbury (@bsainsbury) February 11, 2015 How To Turn Your Google Plus Profile From Blah to […]

Neartuit Debuts at Anvil Centre Biometric Exhibit

TerraTap’s Neartuit is a cool app I wish was available when I schlepped through every museum and cathedral in Italy. The Anvil Centre in New Westminster is a beautiful civic venue that contains conference space, a 364-seat theatre, multipurpose studios, and smaller meeting rooms, so it’s perfect to showcase the Biometric exhibit and Neartuit app. […]

3 Reasons You Should Consider Cloud Storage

The days of storing your files and important information on your computer’s hard drive or an external hard drive are coming to an end. Many companies and individuals are making the switch to cloud based storage. There are many different subscription services that you can use. Some are completely free, while other charge a fee. […]

Podcast How To – What’s Your Subject Matter?

Engaging Podcast Topics The key to an exceptional podcast is a laser focus on specific subject matter. Ideal podcast material will have your audience as the focus in which you provide them a solution to a problem. For instance, if your podcast is about internet marketing, you may want to focus on a topic related […]

Podcast How To – overview

Podcasting offers you a simple, creative way to share your voice. A podcast is in-demand internet radio show that listeners can download or stream online. You can publish your podcast on sites like iTunes, Stitcher or Sound Cloud or use RSS to allow your listeners to subscribe. In the next few weeks, I’ll describe how to […]