Podcast How To – What’s Your Subject Matter?

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Engaging Podcast Topics

The key to an exceptional podcast is a laser focus on specific subject matter. Ideal podcast material will have your audience as the focus in which you provide them a solution to a problem. For instance, if your podcast is about internet marketing, you may want to focus on a topic related to driving traffic to their product website. Always be mindful that the podcast is not about you. You are only a catalyst to get crucial information to your audience about them and their needs. In the process, you will prosper. Offer your audience what they demand, and they will return repeatedly to buy your products, that help them in some way.

Use Your Passion As A Foundation

Some would think that the first step is to write about your passion, and leave it in that phase. However, it is always advisable to do online research on sites such as forums, podcast directories, blogs, and social media groups to get an idea of the demands for specific or general topics. With this method, your audience is the focus, even though you are using your passion in a particular area as a foundation. Whatever your passion, research will reveal that there are numerous searches demanding more information on that topic. If the niche is your passion, it will seem effortless to you as you produce your podcast. It will seem like play to you, if that is the case. Your love and enthusiasm about your topic based on your passion will shine through to your audience. This love will also present you as a likeable personality. They will empathize with you, and listen to your solution to a problem that you share in common.

Supply The Information That Your Audience Demands

 It is imperative that you monitor the demands of your audience. Do your research using all the aforementioned avenues to garner information about what appeals to your audience. However, it is essential to monitor comments on the forums, blogs, and social media groups. You will obtain an authentic sense of the information needed by people. For illustration, if you have a blog on eBook publishing, and people ask more questions related to conversion to sales. Then, you need to provide that information in a podcast. Show them how to convert visits to their eBook sales page to actual sales.

Acquire Podcast Concepts From Other Sources

Podcast directories provide an exceptional source of ideas for your own podcast, by revealing what is popular with people. Select your niche category to discover the top rated podcasts. Ascertain why these specific podcasts are so widely popular with the public. Find an extremely popular podcast, and make one like it that is unique to you. Even if you cover a topic that is popular, you can make unique modifications that will make yours better than the one that you used as a guideline.

Discover What Has Emerged As A Popular Trend

Relevancy is the key to popular podcasts. Whatever is in the news or a trend in real-time would provide a great topic for a podcast. Direct your podcast to explore the most recent news related to your niche. This prompts your audience to tune in on a regular basis to receive valuable news that will be of assistance to them.

Pertinent Episode Ideas

With the selection of a general topic, there is the need to brainstorm or free associate for episode ideas. If you have open communication with your audience, this requires little effort. Request their feedback and comments about present topics and those for the future. Incorporate a feedback form on your podcast page. The more popular your podcast is with listeners, the easier it will be to garner a huge resource of ideas. A more traditional way to acquire great ideas is simply to carry a small notepad to write down ideas. These days, you can do this with a smart phone.

Relevancy Is Key To A Great Podcast

As time goes on, you will find that you podcast will evolve into an entity that is very different from your original idea. This is a positive process, as long as your make sure that the changes are relevant to audience demands. It is crucial for a successful podcast to listen and provide your audience what they want.

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