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Running a successful social media campaign is about delivering great value on a regular basis to strengthen the visibility and reputation of your brand.

To help you do this though, you can use a number of tools that will let you access a larger audience, that will automate some of the process for you and that will provide you with more data and insights. This sheet will provide you with all the social media resources you could possibly need to start absolutely killing it on social media.

Social Media Sites

To start, let’s list the social media sites you should be on right now:
Facebook needs no introduction, as the biggest and most successful social media site of all. Every business needs an account.
Often considered the ‘second’ social media site, despite not actually being the second biggest. Short statuses mean big rewards for small amounts of work, while hashtags allow you to jump on trending topics.
This arty photo app is the second biggest social media site. It’s perfect for showing off the glamorous and beautiful side of your business/niche.
Google’s own social site hasn’t taken off quite as much as the others but it’s crucial thanks to its ties to the search engine and YouTube.
Pinterest is about creating ‘mood boards’ by pinning images you find online. This can be a very useful resource for people, which is very useful for allowing your company to provide value.
LinkedIn is a networking tool for professionals. This is very useful for influencer marketing and networking genuinely, while features like the ‘showcase pages’ and ‘LinkedIn Pulse’ also make it handy for general digital marketing.
Tumblr often goes forgotten as a social media site but in fact it’s still very popular. The original idea was that it would provide a text-light, image-heavy blogging platform. It’s an idea that has caught on and it has a lot of very dedicated users.

 Other Social Sites

If you’re on all the above sites then you might think your brand is now officially ‘everywhere’. However, you would be forgetting a large number of sites, apps and other tools that aren’t necessarily ‘social networks’ in the traditional sense but nevertheless provide many of the same advantages and opportunities.

These resources include:

The link above is for a list of forums and message boards that include some of the largest currently available. Forums provide a great opportunity to interact with a very targeted community and to build meaningful relationships with some influencers in your niche.
Reddit is a social bookmarking site that provides user-curated content on specific topics. It works similarly to a message board and has a gigantic userbase as well as many powerful features.
Snapchat allows uses to send pictures to one another that are seen for only a few seconds. This is a great tool for keeping fans up-to-date with your activities and has a very personal feel.
The video sharing site is crucial for video marketing and has a very strong social aspect.
A video streaming app that companies are using to stream events and help build hype for product launches and more. This is widely believed to be the future of video marketing.
An alternative video streaming app.
A tool that lets you share very short video clips. Works well with Twitter.

Social Media Tools

Now you’re on pretty much every social media site out there, the next step is to start adding content. The following tools can help you do that while saving time and engaging with your followers more effectively.
IFTTT stands for ‘If This, Then That’ and is a tool that lets you set up relationships between different social media accounts and web apps. This has many powerful uses and is certainly worth investigating.
This app lets you schedule multiple posts. Write all your status updates in one go and then let them go live at set intervals.
This is one of the most effective tools for managing multiple social accounts and has advanced features allowing multiple users to access the same account etc.
For adding social sharing buttons to your site. This way, your users can share your content on your behalf.

This tool lets you find currently trending content online so that you can share it to your own followers.
This gives you more information about your users, telling you what time of day they’re active etc.
This is a plugin for Gmail that allows you to see the LinkedIn profiles of anyone who messages you. Great for building your connections.
Klout is a tool that lets you measure your overall social media power – useful for measuring your performance over time and setting goals.

More Resources

The above tools and social media sites will let you get started with a ubiquitous and consistent campaign. However, there are many more opportunities to take this even further if you have the right resources.
“8 Great Social Networking CMS Options”
This is a list of tools you can use to build your own social network. Slightly more advanced but has a huge amount of potential for ambitious organizations.
LinkedIn Pulse
LinkedIn Pulse works like a blogging platform especially for LinkedIn, allowing you to share more content with other LinkedIn users.
Twitter Blog
Twitter’s official blog is a great place to stay up-to-date with changes affecting the platform.
The Facebook Blog
Likewise, the Facebook blog can ensure you’re kept up-to-date regarding policy and feature changes.
The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing
This is a guide from MOZ blog, one of the leading digital marketing blogs on the web.


Dig into these resources, try out these tools and you should be able to develop a more powerful social media presence than ever before.



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