The Importance of Engaging with Current Customers

Your customers are important to you. In fact, they are your business. So how do you make sure you engage your customer and give them a valued experience? Good question!

[bctt tweet=”You need to layer your customer’s experience”], but how do you do that? The best way is to build social objects that create a sense of community that operates like a hub.

You have a center point and then everything flows out from there. This is a great way to re-affirm your brand relevance. Why?

There are two reasons.

  • You connect consumers with other customers and create a deeper more meaningful experience on your brand and related subjects.
  • In doing that, you are able to re-sell.

Two powerful reasons! This hopefully helps to make it clearer for you.

A platform for sharing is one of the most powerful methods to stay valuable in your consumer’s eyes and allows consumers to connect and share with other like minded people.

This creates the ‘perfect storm,’ because like minded people are flocking together so you can deliver ongoing information and insight about your brand to one solid platform.

Here discussion can take place and these people can share with others.

You are directly engaging with your existing customers, which is so important and they enjoy a value added experience.

Tons of discussion can go on here. A blog on your website is the perfect starting point and from there it can branch out to social media networks that are relevant such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, etc. Create a Facebook Business page and invite your customers to discuss where they need help with their business.

You can post one new blog a week that will carry you through the week. Of course, more is better, but the point is this is what you can find the time for.

Interactive tools – Make use of the many interactive tools that are available to help make it easier to engage with your customers and potential customers.

  • There are organizational tools like Trello the help you stay on course
  • there are analytical tools that help you see where your audience is coming from and whether you are on target, Google Analytics is a must.

Take advantage of any of the tools that can make your life easier.

Engaging with existing customers not only helps to keep them as an active customer, it helps you to learn more about this customer and how you can continue to offer them products/services under your brand.

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