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Sept 25 – How to Start a WordPress Blog in 5 Minutes

Well, maybe not 5 minutes, but easy to do. Deciding on a theme ( the look and feel of your blog) takes longer and marketing strategy and finding your ideal audience requires you to know who you’ll be writing for. How to Start a Blog in 3 Simple Steps!!! #Blogging #WordPress #Howtostartablog — Jeff Bullas […]

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Common Blog Writing Mistakes

Grammar is one of the challenges for most bloggers. Here’s the 10 most common writing mistakes. A professional editor will check your blog post for you for overall flow and check for grammar and spelling mistakes. Don’t let your fear of writing stop you from blogging; do your research organize the data using a mind […]

Is Getty’s New Embedded Code Ideal for Bloggers?

Floodgates have opened! Many bloggers had this thought, when Getty Images made a surprising announcement last week that a bulk of their images would be free to use. The bloggers worldwide were all excited, and why shouldn’t they be? Getty Images has one of the largest collection of relevant images on the web, and according […]