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Thrive in My Life Podcast – Interview with Shannon Leigh Simmons

Shannon Leigh Simmons is a certified financial planner teaching the new school of finance in a grassroots way. She helps everyday people survive the new economic climate through personal finance, barter and small business advice! She founded the New School of Finance to provide unbiased financial advice to clients via financial planning consulting, speaking engagements, […]

Podcast How To – What’s Your Subject Matter?

Engaging Podcast Topics The key to an exceptional podcast is a laser focus on specific subject matter. Ideal podcast material will have your audience as the focus in which you provide them a solution to a problem. For instance, if your podcast is about internet marketing, you may want to focus on a topic related […]

Podcast How To – overview

Podcasting offers you a simple, creative way to share your voice. A podcast is in-demand internet radio show that listeners can download or stream online. You can publish your podcast on sites like iTunes, Stitcher or Sound Cloud or use RSS to allow your listeners to subscribe. In the next few weeks, I’ll describe how to […]