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Do you cringe at the word outsourcing? You know that it is something that you really should seriously think about but the thought of hiring out work scares you to death.

You probably have tons of questions racing through your mind. How much is it going to cost? How do you even find good outsourcers? What happens if they don’t deliver on time or their work is crap?

My intent is to explain how outsourcing works in general but with an in-depth look at outsourcing content. After all content is King and who doesn’t want to have well written articles and content on their website?

I will cover the basics of what outsourcing is all about and the benefits of outsourcing your projects. As well I will include my recommended resources for getting content created.

Once you start outsourcing I’m confident that you will be so glad that you took the first step in discovering how to make outsourcing your content painless.

What is Content Outsourcing?

You understand the importance of having quality content on your websites and blogs. The problem with this is that if you don’t enjoy writing or are short on time creating quality content can be a real pain.

The easiest solution is to have someone else write or produce your content for you. This can be easier said than done though. You need to find a reliable company or person who can create the type of content that you need. Plus you don’t want to get the content back only to spend time fixing mistakes and errors.

Content outsourcing basically consists of:

  • you deciding exactly the type of content you require i.e. articles, reports or an eBook.
  • you outlining your project in as much detail as possible
  • finding someone to outsource to
  • this person or company then completes the work and sends the files back to you
  • you finalize payment and you now have ready-to-go content for your blogs or to use in your business.

Things tend to go wrong when you don’t specify details such as an expected completion date, or if you haven’t agreed on the number of  rewrites and revisions. The worst thing you can do is to assume. If you expect to have the ability to request one or two revisions then specify this during the hiring process. The majority of writers are happy to make minor revisions at least once.

Revisions and Rewrites

Just be aware that making revisions and rewrites are two different things.  If during the course of the project you change your mind about the direction you are taking and want this included in your book or report, you really have to expect to pay a extra for a rewrite. A revision is more of a tidy up of the content such as explaining a detail in more depth or moving a paragraph here and there.


It never hurts to outline your expectations and send them to the outsourcer. They will then have a copy and can also question any details that they are unsure of. Always make it easy for this person to contact you via email or Skype. A delay in asking questions can really add extra time to the delivery date.

This may sound like a lot of extra work but for a larger project it really is worth the time and effort. Do you want to pay $300 + for an eBook to be written that doesn’t come back as you had hoped. Providing a general outline or rough chapter headings really is a huge help.

If you are promoting a particular product then give this information to the person doing the work. They can then create your content with this in mind. As well include any research or resource information you have, the more the better.

Going Forward

Once you have worked with a particular outsourcer for a while you may feel completely confident in their ability. All you need do is give them a topic and page or word length and off they go! This is possible to achieve and believe me writers and other content creators love having regular clients


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