Leading With Passion and Purpose

A serious life event made me reconsider how I’ve been living my life. Open heart surgery in July forced me to redesign my life. The three changes I’ve made have been:

  • Improving My Diet
  • Exercise Regularly
  • Reduce Stress

No surprises there, I could have recited those changes as the three causes of heart disease prior to my surgery. What I didn’t understand is the massive changes that have to be made to my life to improve my diet, exercise regularly and  reduce stress.

Changing your diet means educating yourself about what is healthy. It means shopping with focus, cooking your own meals and limiting eating out. Limiting restaurant meals requires you to make changes to your lifestyle; to how you socialize with your friends and business acquaintances.

One of the reasons people don’t exercise is time, or lack of it. If your life depends on it (it does, for everyone) you make the time.  Well maybe boredom too, but you can solve that by loading your smartphone with music, podcasts or audio books.

We all have stress, it’s a matter of how we react. Head down and power through it is not a proper coping mechanism. Go for a walk, meditate or some other time out are all healthy ways to cope.

Making a change, large or small requires the inspiration to kick-start your passion to make it happen. It can be a healthy lifestyle, starting a business, a new job or tackling your bucket list.

“Dream Big, Start Small, Act Now” – Robin Sharma

Dream Big

What do you want to happen? What’s your dream? You Passion? Allow yourself to DREAM BIG. Write your dream down. BELIEVE. You have to believe before you can make it happen. What does that dream look like? How will your dream change your life?

Start Small

What do you need to make your dream come true? Make a list and keep adding detail until you have a detailed plan to achieve that dream. Then add dates.

You now have the project plan to achieve your dream. Bump in the road? Keep drilling down to get past it. The reason people get stuck on start is that they don’t know where to start, or they become discouraged when they run into roadblocks.

Having a detailed project plan you’re able to change keeps you on track. Use an organized vision board, or a mind map to keep yourself on track.

Act Now

What daily habit do you have to change to start making your BIG DREAM come true? Start small. Remember SMART goals from business school? (SpecificMeasurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound)

Here’s where we’re going to start making that BIG DREAM happen. Don’t wait, the first task is to find the time to start. Consider getting together with some friends for a brainstorming session. Everyone write down their BIG DREAM and do a 2-minute presentation to the group. Getting together regularly for an accountability session is a good way to support each other.

Spending time with others who challenge you and who share your passion to achieve your BIG DREAM will keep you motivated and moving forward.

What do you want? Invest in yourself and your personal development. THRIVE. Live with passion and purpose by creating the life you want.

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