La-Z-Boy Urban Attitudes

  LazyBoy is a well known and respected furniture brand who made the recliner a staple piece of furniture in the suburban home. Their Urban Attitudes line appeals to the apartment or condo dweller who lives in a smaller urban space and wants chic and stylish, yet fun and functional. The beautiful textures, rich colors […]

Infographic: Where to Share Your Content

The ultimate guide to sharing your content. Once you have an integrated plan and are producing content regularly, what sites should you be using to publicize when you publish?   Explore more visuals like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Common Blog Writing Mistakes

Grammar is one of the challenges for most bloggers. Here’s the 10 most common writing mistakes. A professional editor will check your blog post for you for overall flow and check for grammar and spelling mistakes. Don’t let your fear of writing stop you from blogging; do your research organize the data using a mind […]

Using a Podcast to Grow Your Business

A podcast is a type of internet radio show. Podcasts are mp3s or other audio files that can be streamed online or downloaded. Like a radio show, podcasters broadcast on a regular schedule, but unlike radio, podcast episodes can be made available to listeners for download anytime. Similar to TIVO, podcasting is an on-demand medium […]

11 Free Google Tools for Your Business

Google offers a l0t of free tools you can use for your business. You can take advantage of these tools by creating a google account (you can use your GMail address). Although most of the list is known, Google Learn and Sketch Up are probably new. Google Forms are useful easy to use and most […]

Portobello West – Spring 2014

Portobello West is one of Vancouver’s premiere Fashion and Art Markets. Their present venue at Creekside Community Centre in False Creek South is a perfect location with plenty of amenities nearby and a family-friendly area to spend a sunny afternoon.   AdorNation Shannon Stewart’s design’s have been featured in Fashion magazine, the Vancouver Sun, LouLou Magazine, […]

10 Free Tools for Your Online Business

As  a business owner, you want the best for your business while maintaining your budget. Today there is a wide selection of free online tools, apps and solutions that you can use to run your online business. –– This is an excellent source of information for anyone who wants to start any type of […]

Is Getty’s New Embedded Code Ideal for Bloggers?

Floodgates have opened! Many bloggers had this thought, when Getty Images made a surprising announcement last week that a bulk of their images would be free to use. The bloggers worldwide were all excited, and why shouldn’t they be? Getty Images has one of the largest collection of relevant images on the web, and according […]

The New Google Maps

Google has recently redesigned one of their most useful Google’s utilities to add more information to your search. Now when you search for a specific address or business, you’ll see a street view and if you’ve entered your starting location, there’s instructions for the trip using transit, car, cycling or walking. You’ll also see information about […]

The Art of Marketing 2014 in Vancouver

On March 19th, 2014, The Art of Marketing 2014 Conference comes to Vancouver. A day of learning for CEOs, Directors, Managers and Business Owners that blends cutting edge thinking and real world experience designed to answer the questions your organization is facing today. Speakers  Seth Godin  Invisible or Remarkable? Tips From His Bestselling Books “Seth […]