The Wellness Show 2014

The Wellness Show is one of the oldest and largest health shows in Vancouver. The website doesn’t say how long it’s been running, but I’m sure I’ve been attending for four or five years at least. This year didn’t disappoint, there was something there for every interest. It took 5 hours and I only scratched the […]

6 Ways to Test the Performance of Your Blog

In order to be successful, your blog site should be attractive and contain original and compelling content. Since the health of blog sites is often neglected, this is especially important – particularly if you’ve created a WordPress site yourself. The infographic refers specifically to static websites, and most of the points are also applicable to a WordPress blog […]

Is Guest Blogging Dead?

In a recent blog Matt Cutts commented on guest blogging for links The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO . Having read the blog post and watching the video, Cutts speaks specifically about using guest blogging to game the system. This occurs through using  low quality articles, spinning them, and posting on multiple blogs solely […]

Friday at Vinci’s with Emoke Zimmerman

Emoke Zimmerman has been a Facebook friend for 4 years but we’d never met face to face. Last week we met at Vinci’s Caffe for coffee and a chat. Emoke is a partner in The Redezinist a company that specializes in cloud based solutions. In the late 1990’s Emoke was a mathematics and physics teacher at a high school […]

Why Net Neutrality Matters

Net neutrality is an important segment of the FCC’s Open Internet rules that determined anti-discrimination and anti-blocking policies. The rule says internet service providers have to treat all traffic equally, they can’t make some traffic run faster or block services. The DC circuit court has ruled in favor of Verizon, carriers can alter traffic speed […]

10 Surprising Social Media Facts

There’s no doubt that social media has become a significant part of our lives and how to use it is getting more complicated by the minute. Here’s 10 Social Media Facts that may shed some light on social media channels. 23% of facebook users check their accounts more than 5 times a day 250 billion photos are […]

Want More Twitter Followers? Here’s How

The first contact anyone has with your twitter profile is your bio. If someone RT’s you, #FF’s or is browsing through their recent followers, the first thing folks do is check out your profile and they make a snap judgement to follow you or not. Your bio is the most important. You have 160 characters […]

Van Duesen’s Festival of Lights

The Van Duesen Gardens are one of Vancouver’s hidden gems. The botanical gardens are a beautiful and restful place to spend the afternoon and the Truffles Cafe is well worth a visit. During the holidays, the gardens are transformed into a winter wonderland. The Festival of Lights runs from the 11th of December until January 4th […]

Justine Sacco and Greg Gopman Discover We’re Listening

Public Relations professional Justine Socco is just the latest wunderkin to cause an internet firestorm by offensive posts to her personal twitter account. Needless to say she’s been fired by IAC. IAC’s Justine Sacco deletes Twitter account #HasJustineLandedYet: PR woman’s racist tweet sets off firestorm Justine Sacco’s Tweet About AIDS, Africa Is The Craziest Thing You’ll See Today A week […]