6 Ways to Test the Performance of Your Blog

bigstock_Green_check_box_with_check_mar_16863614In order to be successful, your blog site should be attractive and contain original and compelling content. Since the health of blog sites is often neglected, this is especially important – particularly if you’ve created a WordPress site yourself. The infographic refers specifically to static websites, and most of the points are also applicable to a WordPress blog site.

You want the very best experience for your readers, and therefore checking for infrastructure errors is as important as which theme or plugins you choose.

Mobile friendly

Your readership has often viewed your blog on a mobile device. Ensure you’ve chosen a responsive theme and test it on a number of mobile devices, including different brands of Smartphones and various size tablets.

Broken Links

A broken link will cause your readers to leave your site when they can’t find the information they’re looking for. There’s also evidence that Google takes broken links into account when ranking your site. Use the Broken Link Checker plugin during your monthly site checkup. The plugin can remain inactive until you need it.

Fast Loading Site

Unless your site loads quickly, visitors will leave before it is fully loaded. Your load speed also affects your Google ranking.

Try using the Use Google Libraries plugin to speed up your site.

Alexa Ranking

Find out more information about your blog from Alexa.

Cross Browser Check

Similar to the mobile device check, you should examine how your site is displayed on the major browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Explorer and Safari.  Use a tool like BrowserShots when making major revisions to your site.

Online Tools to Rate Your Blogsite


Nibbler not only gives you an overall rating for your blog site, but also provides you with an extensive report on ways to improve your overall site rating.

How Much Is Your Site Worth contains most of the information found on other sites. This tool places a monetary value on your site.

Marketing Grader – Another comprehensive report on your site.

How good is your website? Take the Jeyjoo web design testInfographic courtesy of Jeyjoo.com


Include several of these tests in your monthly blogsite check and commit to making o9ne improvement before the next check.




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