Using Your Time Effectively – Time Diary

When you use your time effectively you accomplish the tasks you set out for yourself. Distractions are everywhere; email, social media, unimportant tasks are just a few.

First, decide what your 20% items are. These are the important things you should devote 80% of your time to each day. Then, write down what you actually spend your time on. Many of us give in to distractions and jump from one thing to another without realizing it. Writing down exactly what you do forces you to confront it. That makes it easier to begin to change bad habits.

Keep it simple, write what you do into a calendar or a notebook in one hour increments for a week.

Did you accomplish what you planned for the week? If you didn’t what distracted you?

8 – 9 am – read email and respond – sales call

9 – 10 am – prepare proposal and invoices

10 – 11 am – research new product

11 – 12 am – reading facebook and twitter posts

12 – 1 pm – lunch and walk

1 – 2 pm – attend webinar

2 – 3 pm – conference call with client

3 – 4 pm – conference call with client

4 – 5 pm – read facebook and twitter posts

5 – 6 pm – read emails and respond


Start today. Make yourself accountable for how you use your time.


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