The Wellness Show 2014

53004ce318247064c2000001The Wellness Show is one of the oldest and largest health shows in Vancouver. The website doesn’t say how long it’s been running, but I’m sure I’ve been attending for four or five years at least. This year didn’t disappoint, there was something there for every interest. It took 5 hours and I only scratched the surface. The show runs from the 14th of February until the 16th.

According to their website the 10 health trends are:

  • non GMO
  • juicing
  • natural beauty
  • good for your gut
  • sprouting
  • gluten free
  • seeds
  • a good night’s sleep
  • fun workouts
  • eat local, wear local

Here are the products that caught my interest:


Natera – booth #1202

Natera produces Hemp Seeds and Hemp Protein Powders. This Burnaby based company  has Maple and Himalaya flavored Hemp seeds Dark Chocolate, Blackberry Pomegranate, Vanilla and Natural Hemp Powder. Their Facebook page has links to healthy articles and recipes. I’ll be trying the single serving packets; they also have 1 pound canisters.


This Kelowna based company  produces energy bars that are low GI, gluten free, no trans fats, no artificial sweeteners and the list goes on. They have company news, stores that carry their product and sales coupons on their facebook page. They have flavors like Pineapple Coconut, Dark Chocolate Orange, Peanut Power, Lemon Lift. Pineapple Coconut was my favorite

Wise Bites

Just because you’re eating healthy, muffins don’t need to taste like straw. I tried their muffins and the cookies and they passed the “These are Healthy?” test. Richmond-based, they are gluten, peanut, dairy, egg free (the list went on and on), made from quinoa flour and are kosher and vegancertified. Their facebook page lists locations you’ll be able to try their product and their website has locations of stores that carry their product.

Monkey Toast

The answer to “Why is it called Monkey Toast?” is “That’s what you get when you toast banana bread”. 🙂 That came right from West Van mom Dale Ferris. These crisps come in Banana Blueberry, Apple Cinnamon, Pumpkin Cranberry (my fave) and Tomato Ginger. Their facebook page talks about the company and where they’ll be. They’re the only company I found had a google+ presence.

WestPoint Naturals

Vancouver based WestPoint Naturals have been in business for 20 years, mostly as a distributor. They answer questions, link to recipes and articles on their facebook page. I’ve already munched the Peach Rings sample (yummy) and I’ll be trying the Vegetarian Support Flake Yeast and Soy Lecithin Granules. They don’t sound particulary appetizing, but you add the yeast to a smoothy, in a salad or just about anything. Lecithin is a suplement that my lower cholesterol levels and improve circulation.


In the “You can’t eat just one” category the Maple Ridge company’s Cheese Puffs are made with natural ingredients. The original flavor was good, but the Jalapeno was amazing. Couldn’t find a facebook page. Put these in the freezer next time you need a quick appetizer.


 Laundry Ball 

The laundry ball uses four types of ceramic beads, and a magnetic centre plus the outer shell all work together to clean your clothes without detergent. It’s good for 365 loads and saves water because you don’t need rinse cycles. No detergent, no rinse cycle. It doesn’t pollute and your clothes last longer. Their facebook page has links to articles on how to live a cleaner life.

Ice Cold Towels

You just wet the towel, squeeze out the excess water and shake it. Voila! you have a cold towel for hours. You can place it over your clothes because it doesn’t get them wet.  The obvious use is for sports, but they also work for migraines or any time you need to cool down. They also have sports caps and headbands. Their facebook page show uses for their products.


Gumchucks is an ingenious product that helps children (and adults) floss. We received them in our goodie bag at the last Digitally Yours meeting. It’s hard to explain, go to the website. It works! Wasn’t convinced at first but it only took a few days before I got it. Good Information and instructions on how to use the product on their facebook page.

Blue Sky Clothing Co

Blue Sky Clothing has two stores, one in Nelson BC and one in Kits. They carry clothing made from natural fiber for all shapes and sizes of women (xs to 4x). Their fashion show demonstrated  the styles they carry look good on all sizes. Their facebook page shows their product line and gives you a heads up to sales. They have an online catalogue if you don’t live in Vancouver or Nelson.

One Great Year

Look forward to reading One Great Year by Tamara Veitch and Rene Defazio. Check out the reviews.

Should you go? Yes, but go early the space fills up fast.

$14.50 General Admission
$12.50 Seniors 65+ / Students with valid ID
$6.00 Children (5 and under free)

Vancouver Convention Centre, East Building Exhibit Hall B & C
999 Canada Place Vancouver BC (under the Sails)


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